Vintage Sock Monkey

Vintage Sock Monkey

Vintage Sock Monkey
Rockford Socks
The most popular Sock Monkey Socks are the Modern Rockford Socks.

Our Socks are new and free from defects.


Vintage Rockford Socks
Vintage Rockford Socks made by Nelson, were discontinued over 30 years ago. We have a limited number of unused/smoke-free Vintage Rockford Socks available.

Sold Out

What is the Difference in Sock Monkey Socks?
There are two types of Sock Monkey Socks. Some internet sellers will use this confusion to steal from clients.

Check here for the best informational article ( on the differences between
Vintage and New Sock Monkey Socks.

Vintage Sock Monkey

is a vintage (Nelson) sock
Right is a new (Rockford) sock

Our Socks are Guaranteed authentic!

Sock Monkey Kits
Here you will find the single best value for your Sock Monkey Kits.

There are three levels of Sock Monkey Kits for you to choose from.

Only $13

Sock Monkey Kit

Make your own Sock Monkey. Our kits take
3-4 hours to complete.

They are a great way to teach children how to create toys and be "Crafty".

Our Sock Monkey kits include;

* Custom step by step instruction sheet
* First quality, authentic Rockford Red Heel socks
* Buttons for eyes
* Black embroidery floss for eyelashes/brows
* Needle and thread
* Pom-pom for cap
* Red yarn for bow at neck
* Adoption certificate
* Postcard / Example photo

You will need:

* Scissors
* Sewing Machine
* Stuffing
* Hands


Sock Monkey Kit

Our DIY Sock Monkey kits come with everything
our Basic Kit comes with but includes
8oz. new of Poly-Fil stuffing.


Deluxe (Pre-Sewn) Sock Monkey Kits

Our Deluxe Pre-Sewn kits are the same as our DIY kits but all the machine sewing has been done ahead of time.

All you need are
hands and scissors!!© 2005 - Sitemap