Vintage Sock Monkey

Vintage Sock Monkey
The true Vintage Sock Monkey Pattern was released around 1920 and is still used today.

SockMonkeyFun uses this design.
The New Style Sock Monkey Pattern was released around 1970 and was quickly adopted as the standard Sock Monkey design.

Daisy Cara uses this design for her Creations.
How to Make a Sock Monkey

Learn to make your own Sock Monkey. Two different designs available.

We have the best two patterns from the past 65 years for your Sock Monkey Fun.
Sock Monkey Kits
We include stuffing and all other items needed to make a Sock Monkey.

We even have Pre-Sewn Kits!
Modern and Vintage
Sock Monkey Socks

We have Vintage and Modern Socks. Not only that but we show you how to tell the difference.© 2005 - Sitemap